As we all know, time is money. Especially in the world of volume sports photography. If you are a volume sports photographer, there is a good chance that you are already using some amazing, time saving, Photoshop automation products by Pixnub. Products such as EZ Team Builder, Sports Photo Automation (formerly Chroma Key Lab), EZ Green Screen and more. So what would make these amazing automation products by Pixnub even better? How about quality photoshop templates that are already compatible. Templates that require little to no compatibility modifications by you, the user. That is where we come in. 3rd Creative is please to announce that we will be converting many of our templates to now be "Pixnub Ready".  


  • All text layers are set to the required "point text" format rather than "paragraph text".

  • All text layers have been set to the correct text justification, such as center, left and right. This allows Sports Photo Automation to update text within a template without losing its desired positioning.

  • All applicable text layers have been named in correspondence with Pixnub's recommended text layer naming for compatibility. For example; Team Name, Year, First Name, Last Name, etc.                                        Note: some text layers within 3rd Creatives templates may not have an appropriate match under Pixnubs recommended layer names. For example a text layer that says "Varsity" or a team motto. This would require you to manually enter this text field into your CSV file prior to running Sports Photo Automation.                                                                                   
  • Only one layer accurately placed and appropriately named "Team". This allows EZ Team Builder to accurately identify the layer within a template to insert, position and arrange individual player images to create and place the team image.                                                                                                   
  • Purchase of a "Pixnub Ready" template will also include an EZ Team Builder PSD file. This PSD file will include a smart object layer with the suggested team positioning parameters. This EZ Team Builder file can be used to build your team image that will be used in a "team photo" or "memory mate" photo. These parameters are suggested but can be changed if desired.                                                                                                  Example smart object layer name -                                                                    EZTEAM | NAME | R | BT | 80 | 3 | 10 | 90 | 0 | CF | CT | R                      
  • Purchase of a "Pixnub Ready" template will also include a text document  that has all suggested face detection portrait crop settings for all files that feature an individual pose.                                                                                      For example;                                                                                                        Big_Pasture_Ind_16x20
        Zoom = 36
        Y = 82
        X = 50                                                                                                                       
  • Not all 3rd Creative templates are currently "Pixnub Ready". We are in the process of converting as many as possible and will continue to add more. All templates that are "Pixnub ready" will be clearly labeled with the Pixnub ready box icon as well as clearly labeled in the template description.                                                                                                           
  • Please note that a "Pixnub Ready" template does not have to be used with Pixnub automation software. It has merely been constructed and organized to minimize the amount of modification/set up necessary to function properly with Pixnub software. There will typically be some user modification required however the majority of the usual modifications have already been taken care of.